If you’re planning to have a baby, facing fertility problems or about to start fertility treatment, following a preconception diet program that includes good nutrition is essential for both partners’ health. Making some simple improvements to your diet and way of life can drastically enhance your fertility, producing healthy sperm and eggs without the need for invasive and costly medical intervention. It takes approximately 3 – 4 months for both the egg and the sperm to develop and mature, so I recommend couples follow a diet program 3-4 months prior to trying to conceive or receiving fertility treatment.

I’ll give you a diet program specifically designed for you and your partner, making sure to include the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to:

Balance your hormone levels
Improve the quality of the woman’s eggs
Increase the production of healthy sperm
Provide a fertile environment for the embryo to grow and develop
Help prevent birth defects and miscarriages
Avoid any deficiency, especially iron, folic acid, and zinc

I’ll also help ensure you’re not eating foods that could be harmful to your unborn baby. What you eat while trying to conceive is as important now as what you’ll eat when you’re pregnant! I’ll also help you make lifestyle changes since exercise, cigarettes, alcohol, and stress can all have a negative impact on your chances of conceiving.

Have you been trying to conceive without success? Give yourself the best chance possible with the right diet and nutrition plan.

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