Nutrition services are one of the first treatments that individuals should receive to improve conditions such as:
Dyslipidemia (high LDL, low HDL, and high TG)
Pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance
Kidney disease, gout, and high uric acid
Digestive problems such as reflux, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease

With me, you’ll be able to work on the treatment and the prevention of the disease. You’ve probably been told you need to follow a specific diet and eat healthy to help lower your high cholesterol, tension, or blood sugar, but what exactly does that mean? I’ll use all the relevant information to put together a diet program specifically designed to meet your needs – not just by telling you what foods to reduce or avoid, but also by advising of specific foods that will actively help you. The diet program will empower you to make your own practical dietary plan, and I’ll even provide recipes and tips on making healthy food choices at shops and restaurants.

During the follow-up consultation, I will review your progress and weight and adapt the diet program as required. With changes to your diet, exercise and lifestyle, your risk of these problems can be substantially reduced. For patients already suffering with the above conditions, these changes will reduce and slow the progression of the problem.

Do you suffer from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or digestive problems? I’ll help you manage your condition.

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