Ready to learn more about your body?
These tests will guide you.

The body composition test helps you see the effectiveness of the diet plan or exercise program you're following. It’s an analysis of your body composition that shows you:
Your weight
Your muscle mass
Your fat mass
Your body’s water
The fat and muscles in each arm and leg, and in your trunk
The visceral fat: the fat stored around your internal organs
Your body mass index: your weight compared to your height
Your waist-to-hip ratio
Your basal metabolic rate: how many calories you burn at rest

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Diet types I can help with

Weight Management

The Weight Management Program is dedicated to people who would like to lose weight, maintain their weight or gain weight. I will personally examine every patient and give each one the diet program they should follow in order to achieve their ideal results. The diet program provides patients with an evaluation that includes the following:
Medical assessment
of weight through body composition analysis, plus clinical and laboratory evaluations to identify weight-related diseases and nutrition problems.
Nutrition assessment
to identify current dietary habits and willingness, ability, and resources available to work on improving them to promote weight loss.

Programs with special kits

The 9 Days Challenge

This powerful pack will help you lose 2 to 4 kg in 9 days. The kit, which comes straight from the USA, enables you to control your appetite, boost your metabolism and feel lighter and slimmer. This effective, easy-to-follow cleansing program will help you jumpstart your weight loss journey and give you the tools to transform your body.

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The 15 Days Challenge

This 15-day kit offers a personalized approach to looking better and feeling better. The pack comes straight from the USA. Choose a fitness level that helps you achieve your goals and puts you on the path to permanent change. With beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, you can decide where your journey takes you. 

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