Having a baby is a huge undertaking for the body, so it’s important to look after your body’s needs once your baby has arrived. A post-pregnancy diet program will help you in several aspects:
Weight loss: The post-pregnancy program will help you lose all the weight you gained during pregnancy so you can get your body back into shape.
Healthy breastfeeding: Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian will help you eat a well-balanced diet while avoiding any foods and flavors that will make your baby uncomfortable. She’ll also ensure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients for you and your baby.
Post-natal depression: Many women can suffer from post-natal depression in the months after giving birth; however, this can be avoided with optimum nutrition.
Energy: A good diet can also help provide you with the energy and stamina needed for looking after your newborn.
 Are you struggling to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy? I’ll help you get back in shape.

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