The weight management program is designed for people who would like to lose weight, maintain their weight or gain weight. I personally assess every patient and provide the diet program they should follow in order to achieve their ideal results. The evaluation for the weight management program includes the following:
Medical assessment of weight through body composition analysis, clinical and laboratory evaluations to identify weight-related diseases and nutrition problems.
Nutritional assessment to identify current dietary habits and willingness, ability, and resources available to improve these habits and promote weight loss.
Physical activity assessment to evaluate current status of exercise and workout patterns and willingness, ability, and resources available to increase physical activity.
Psycho-social assessment to identify problems that may interfere with your ability to participate in the lifestyle program and follow the diet program properly.
In-depth discussion of your wellness goals and health concerns to create a personalized diet program that fits in with your lifestyle and your food preferences.
Follow-up consultation to review your progress and weight and adapt the diet program as required.
Dr. Christelle is the kindest dietitian I have come across, she’s very interactive and social. She knows how to deal with my problems. I  love to come to her visit as she’s very patient and loving.

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