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Easy booking and rescheduling through Calendly
Easy online payment
24/7 support system

Our teleconsultation system saves you time so you can focus on what matters: building healthy habits around life and eating.

This service is perfect for people who live abroad, are unable to leave the house, or just want to save time.

What happens during an online consultation?

Reviewing your medical and dietary history
Getting to know you, your preferences and habits
Discussing and setting your target
Putting together a diet program tailored to suit your goals & lifestyle
Answering your questions and concerns
Setting a timeframe to make lifestyle changes

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Initial consultation

$ 190 /1 hour
Reviewing your medical and dietary history
Measuring your body composition
Exploring your health concerns, diet and fitness goals
Putting together a personalized diet program that fits your lifestyle, food preferences and habits 
24/7 support system

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Follow-up consultation

$ 80 /30 min
Reviewing your progress
Measuring your body composition
Answering your questions and concerns
Adjusting and changing your diet program as required
Initial consultation

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Your Diet Bundle

$ 350
$ 330
Initial consultation
2 follow-up consultations
24/7 support system

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